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Morocco Medinas

Medina, a multicultural place

Despite its Modern transformation, Morocco has never lost sight of its deep-rooted traditions. The magical Medina is on of the traditional Moroccan culture embedded in people’s daily life.

Typically walled, the traditional Medina invites you to explore its deepest treasures while meandering its narrow streets. Artisan shops, fountains, mosques …Hundreds of people live and work inside of its ochre walls, passing their know-how on to other generations.

In Fez, Tetouan, Essaouira and Marrakech, these car-free and most best conserved historic towns have quickly become World Heritage. Wheter it’s located in an imperial city, a coastal city, or in mountains, Medinas will take you back in history.

Explore its puzzling old districts, and dive into its magical atmosphere !


Marrakesh – Say hello to the Red City

Marrakesh – The Red City

You will be able to admire all the architectural richness of the Medina, upon visiting one of its many riads, small oriental palaces overlooking a beautiful patio. You can also relax and recharge at the Menara, a vast garden with an emblematic basin.

Marrakech shower its visitors by its splendour and its diversity, you just have to…

Mountains, a world of intrigue for nature lovers

Morocco is a country beautifully surrounded by mountains. The three Atlas Mountains and the Rif show marvellous rugged landscapes but they also make authentic playgrounds for thrill seekers!

Discover exciting outdoors activities : Mountain biking, rafting, skiing, accrobranche, mountain biking and even lazing around!

Splendour has an address! Admire the stunning landscapes surrounding you and go exploring the small treasures awaiting for you.

Climbing Mount Toubkal

Whether it’s a solo or a group adventure, the hiking to Mount Toubkal is an extraordinary self-accomplishment, a physical-challeging achievement and an opportunity to soak up in the marvelous landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. Depending on the height of the summit, it takes two or three days trek.

For thrill and adrenaline seekers, don’t wait any…

Stunning walking and hiking trails

In the North of Morocco, soak up the sights

Taste the best of the outdoors, by making use of the hiking trails tailor made for you! All over the kingdom, national parks preserve the natural environment and make magnificent hiking trails for nature lovers. Morocco is a huge hiking trail: under forests, on mountains or cliffs, hike in the middle of a picture perfect nature.

Climbing and walking in Al Hoceima National Park

Up in the North, on the Mediterranean coast in Al Hoceima Park, there is a hiking trail overlooking the park and the sea. With well-paves paths, you can indulge in the peacefulness of walking and climbing. The surrounding lodgings, it gives…

Chefchaouen, the blue diamond

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