Berber trek in Zaouit Ahansal

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Zaouiat Ahansal

The town was founded in the 13th century by an Islamic traveller and scholar named Sidi Said Ahansal, whose legend was claimed that his mentor told him to establish a religious school.

Today, the town is mostly inhabited by a group of nomadic Berber peoples, including the Aït Atta tribes.

Ait Bougmez Valley

There are so many things you can do while visiting Morocco. There are many options for how to spend your vacation in this beautiful country that offer several varied tours and activities. If you are into nature and hiking, visiting Ait Bougmez valley, the happy valley in Morocco should definitely be on your top list. Ait Bouguemez valley is situated in182km from Marrakech.

Ait Bouguemez is the gateway to Atlas mountains, a popular destination for mountaineering expeditions. The breath-taking beauty of this valley far outweighs the tough conditions one might have to endure. While it’s beautiful all the year round, with apple trees, potatoes, corn, and wheat fields you can find it snow covered in the coldest months which is between December and March. The hospitality of locals has a warm effect on every visitor who is seeking a mountain adventure in Morocco.


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This tour runs all year round and can depart at any date of your preference.


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  • Hotel pickup / drop-off
  • Transfer in comfortable vehicle
  • English speaking driver

  • Local guides
  • Meals as per itinerary


  • Tips and personal expenses

Day 1: Marrakech Azilal – Zawyat Ahançal

We organize Morocco Nomad trekking and hiking with experienced guides. When you arrive in Marrakech you can spend your free time as you please. At 7.30 am we will start our trekking tour by heading to the village of Zawyat Ahansal located at 1595 m in the High Atlas Mountains. The journey is quite beautiful, with stunning views of the Moroccan countryside.

Day 2: Zaouia Ahansal – Taghia

Today we’ll meet our mule and muleteer team, ready for our trek. We’ll leave early in the morning and start hiking up to the Wadi Ahançal by following the gorge until we get to Taghia where we’ll make our camp for the night at 1890m.

Day 3: Tahgia Aghrasse Inifif – Agdal-N Ilmchane

Our mules and muleteers will leave us today. It is impossible for the mules to make a 900-metre ascent so they will stay where they are. We will be trekking for around 4 hours and during that time we will cross bridges normally used by shepherds and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the valley and the Taghia Gorge. When we make camp for the night it will be in a bivouac at 900m, and it will be near to the source of the Ilmchane and to nomad camps. Please be aware that the nights here can be a little cool in the summer.

Day 4: Source Ilmchane – Tizi-N-Tighboula – Timouwwar

When we rise, we will travel until find we ourselves in the pastures of the Ait Atta nomads with their herds of sheep, goats and camels. We will spend some time with them and perhaps have a taste of their ‘wiski’, a type of tea served with mint. We will take our lunch at 3034 m in Tizi-n-Tighboula, before we trek up to our bivouac site at Aqqa Elaz.

Day 5: Timouzzar – Lac Izourar Valley Of Ait Bouguemaze

In the morning, we will continue our trekking tour across the Atlas Mountain highlands toward Izourar Lake, a beautiful part of Morocco that is frequented by the Ait Atta nomads. Along the way, we can take in the views and landscapes of the Draa Valley and the Skoura Oasis. A lunch time, we can catch our breath and eat in the shade of the juniper trees, surrounded by a splendid view of the Ait Bougumez Valley and its mountains.

After lunch, we’ll trek our way down to camp in the valley’s basin where we will sleep for the night.

Day 6: Ait Bougmez Valley – Ait Ouham – Gite Ttimit

Our trek will take on a completely different character in the Ait Bougmez Valley. We’ll find ourselves in lush green surroundings that contrast with the epic aridity of the Moroccan high plains and plateaus. The valley is green all year around and as we hike through the landscape, we will meet local people and hopefully learn a bit about their lifestyle and their culture. When we reach the cottage that we will be staying in for the night, you will be able to have a hot shower and a rest. We will descend around 550 metres over the course of the day.

Day 7: Ait Bougmez – Azilal – Marrakech

Today our trek will take us out of Berber country and back to the city of Marrakech. We will leave the beautiful and wild landscapes beind in the morning and arrive back in the town in the afternoon. Then we will transfer you back to the airport.

NOTE: This is a Fes to Atlantic coast and nobody else will travel in your private group. If you require any modification for our suggested itinerary please fill up the contact form.

Adventurers looking for a destination that is truly off the beaten track will find Ait Bougmez Valley in Morocco to be the perfect choice. Located in the central High Atlas Mountains, around 200 kilometers east of Marrakech, Ait Bougmez Valley is unspoiled nature at its best. It has been compared to the majesty of the Himalayan Mountains, its lush orchards and green pastures surrounded by snow-capped mountains being quite different from the usual images of barren beauty readily associated with Morocco. The small towns with their mud brick houses scattered throughout the valley enhance its unspoiled atmosphere.

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